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African Journal of Microbiology Research
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Prof. Dr. Tamer Edirne is the director of the Family Medicine Department in Pamukkale University, Medical School, Denizli, Turkey. He is involved in under- and postgraduate medical education, research and clinical practice. He received his medical degree from Gazi University, Ankara, and completed his family medicine residency at the Research and Education Hospital in İzmir. Prof. Dr. Tamer Edirne is head of the family medicine residency program at his medical school as full time Professor and his lectures contain several topics about family practice philosophy, primary care research basics and patient- centered primary care. His research has included papers, abstracts and book chapters concerning family medicine, domestic violence, complementary and alternative medicine, infectious diseases and adolescent motherhood. He is serving as an editorial member of African Journal of Microbiology Research and as expert reviewer for journals like Family Medicine, International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics, BMC Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, International Journal of Nursing Practice, International Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology and International Journal of Educational Research and Reviews. Prof. Dr. Tamer Edirne is a member to medical associations like Turkish Medical Association, Turkish Family Medicine Association, WONCA Europe, EGPRN and EURACT. Publications 1. Edirne T, Ersoy F, Yaman H. Mother Health in Turkey. Middle East Journal of Family Medicine 2004;2(2). 2. Kolusari A, Kurdoglu M, Yildizhan R, Adali E, Edirne T, Cebi A, Demir H, Yoruk IH. Catalase Activity, Serum Trace Element and Heavy Metal Concentrations, and Vitamin A, D and E Levels in Pre-eclampsia. The Journal of International Medical Research 2008; 36:1335-41. 3. 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