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Alexandria journal of Medicine
Faculty Of Medicine - Alexandria University
Forensic Medicine - Clinical Toxicology - Medical Ethics
MBBCH November 1986. MS Degree of Forensic Medicine 1991- Faculty of Medicine - Alexandria University. MD Degree of Forensic Medicine 1996- Faculty of Medicine-Alexandria University Sub-Specialty: Neurotoxicology Positions and assignments 1. Editorial board membership of EJFSAT 2. Chairperson of IACUC - alex ( University of alexandria ) 2018 3. Chairperson of IACUC faculty of medicine 2018 4. A member of the unit counteract violence against women 26-12-2017. 5. Chief \ general supervisor of poison center Alexandria university faculty of medicine 1-8-2017. 6. Chief executive of Continuing and Open Education and Professional Programs 1-8-2017- 7. A member of the committee responsible for the university report – 1-8-2017. 8. A member of the ethics committee Alexandria University 1-8-2017. 9. Member of the committee for setting standards for the selection of members of the scientific committees in the Egyptian Authority for mandatory training 22-6 - 2017. 10. External examiner to UMST – Sudan from 9-14 /7/2017. 11. General secretary of the scientific committee ( promotion of professors and assistant professors in forensic medicine ) Supreme Council of Universities - 9-2016 12. External evaluator of doctorate degrees of clinical toxicology, Clinical toxicology, Master degrees of clinical toxicology, undergraduate degree of forensic medicine and clinical toxicology – faculty of medicine, Cairo University 2017. 13. General secretary of the Supreme Council of Health – chairman of general medical council- Ministry of Health –(13 July 2015 -28/4/2016 resigned to apply for the dean position in faculty of medicine) 14. Trainer in FLDC. 15. A member of scientific research committee – Ministry of health – (April 2015- August 2016) 16. A member of training committee – Ministry of health – April 2015 - 17. Chairman of Medical Ethics Committee at Faculty of Medicine Alexandria University. ( 2011-) 18. Secretary of Medical Ethics Committee at Faculty of Medicine Alexandria University. (2006 - 2011) 19. A member of "Publication Ethics Subcommittee” EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN ASSOCIATION OF MEDICAL EDITORS -EMAME (16/8/2011- ) 20. A member of committee of patents – Alexandria University. 2010. 21. Associate editor in Alexandria Medical Journal AJME. (2009-) 22. A member in Egyptian Network of Research Ethics Committees (ENREC) 23. Responsible for website of ethics committee in Faculty of Medicine Alexandria University. 24. Coordinator of ethics and credibility standard - Faculty of Medicine Alexandria University. (2008-2015) 25. Peer reviewer in Food and chemical toxicity, Alexandria medical journal, The Egyptian Heart Journal – Elsevier group. 26. Peer reviewer in SQUMJ, Human and experimental toxicology – SAGE group. 27. Editorial manager and peer reviewer in Environmental science and pollution research – Springer (Germany) 28. Course instructor for teaching medical ethics -old curriculum for undergraduates (2004), Teaching the course from 1998. 29. Course instructor for medical ethics first year -new curriculum for undergraduates (2009- ) 30. Course creator of Ethics of Publications, Ethics of care of special patients courses and ethics of palliative care courses. 31. Course instructor for medical ethics I and medical ethics II, drug of abuse and doping agent courses for postgraduates MS and MD (2007 -) 32. Organizing workshops for intellectual property – ethics – ethics of the profession, ethics in clinical trials. 33. Lecturer in ethics of scientific research workshop. 34. Sharing in staff evaluation committee. 35. Member of postgraduate and research committee (2009 -2017). 36. Year coordinator - for fourth year – international education for academic year (2010-2012) 37. Clinical coordinator of clinical phase – Faculty of medicine (1/8/2012- 12/7/2015) 38. Member of 6th year control (1998 -2008). 39. Head of reset -control of bachelor degree (2009- ). 40. Head of clinical phase of cumulative control (2011-). 41. One of support team to students with special need 42. Lecturer for public and house officers’ awareness in association with the Council of Ministers to combat addiction (2007-2009). 43. Sharing in public awareness workshops about violence on women (2009- 2010). 44. Sharing in workshops of first aid in toxicology and emergency. 45. Representative to faculty of Medicine in Disciplinary board of Alexandria University 2011-2015. 46. External evaluator of doctorate degrees of Forensic Medicine and clinical toxicology, Clinical toxicology, Master degrees of Forensic Medicine and clinical toxicology, Clinical toxicology – faculty of medicine, Tanta University. 2015. 47. Share in writing the self- assessment study – on ethics standard and credibility - of Faculty of Medicine Alexandria University. (2008 -2015) 48. Create master degree of ethics 2013.