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Australasian Review of African Studies
Flinders University
African Studies And African Diaspora Studies In Australia And New Zealand
Dr. Tanya Lyons is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Flinders University, where she specialises in teaching African Politics and International Relations. Tanya is the out-going Editor of the Australasian Review of African Studies (2009-2018); the Past-President of the African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific (2012-2017); and has held various roles within the AFSAAP Executive member since 1995. She is also a Research Fellow at the Centre for Africa Studies University of the Free State – South Africa. Lyons has co-edited the books: African Frontiers: Insurgency, Governance and Peacebuilding in Postcolonial States (with John Idriss Lahai, 2015); New Engagement: Contemporary Australian Foreign Policy Toward Africa (with David Mickler, 2013); South Sudanese Diaspora in Australia and New Zealand: Reconciling the Past with the Present (with Jay Marlowe and Anne Harris, 2013); and Africa on a Global Stage (with Gerry Pye, 2006). Lyons has also written many chapters including Reflections on the Feminist Dilemmas of Fieldwork (2019); Post-Independence Africa: Challenges and opportunities (with David Jolley, 2018); Education in Australia's Relationship With Africa” (2013); Locating Australian Engagement with Africa (with David Mickler, 2013); Australian Foreign Policy Toward Africa” (2012) and “The State of African Studies in Australia” (with Elizabeth Dimock, 2007). Lyons sole authored book is entitled Guns and Guerrilla Girls: Women in the Zimbabwean Liberation Struggle (2004).