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Journal of Horticulture and Forestry
Department Of Agronomy, The University Of Agriculture Peshawar
Agronomy, Crop Nutrition, Sustainable Soil Management, Dryland Agriculture, Crop Growth And Economic Analysis, Food Security
Dr. Amanullah was born on 01-07-1973 in a remote area (village Gurrah & Tehsil Matta) of District Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Dr. Amanullah is currently working as Associate Professor in the Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Crop Production Sciences, The University of Agriculture Peshawar, Pakistan. Before joining the university, Dr. Amanullah has worked as Field Agronomist Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the National Fertilizer Corporation (NFC) during 2001-03. Dr. Amanullah also worked as Research Officer in many agriculture research projects sponsored by PSF & HEC during 1998-2001. He did his MSc (Hons) in 1999 with first class position in the Department of Agronomy and Faculty of Crop Production Sciences. He stood third in the university and was awarded with the university Bronze Medal (1999). Dr. Amanullah did his PhD in Agronomy from The University of Agriculture Peshawar in 2004 and was declared the youngest PhD holder in the university at that time. Dr. Amanullah did his Post Doctorate from Dryland Agriculture Institute, WTAMU, Canyon Texas, USA in 2009-2010 sponsored by HEC, Islamabad. Dr. Amanullah has published five books and more than 150 research papers in peer reviewed journals including more than 80 papers in impact factor journals. Dr. Amanullah has also written more than 15 articles for growers in local languages. Dr. Amanullah is the member of many national and international crop, soil and agronomy related societies i.e. American Societies of Agronomy, Crop Science & Soil Science etc. Dr. Amanullah is also a member of editorial boards of 15 international journals including many impact factor journals. Dr. Amanullah is working as a reviewer in more than 40 journals including many impact factor journals. He has attended more than 60 conferences/workshops/trainings and has also organized more than 10 conferences/trainings. He has presented more than 30 oral presentations in national and international conferences. He has supervised two PhDs, 20 MSc (Hons) and more than 25 BSc (Hons) students. Dr. Amanullah has been awarded with three Research Productivity Awards by the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST), Islamabad in 2011-12, 2012-13, and 2015-16. He also won the first prize in the innovative research proposal competition arranged by DICE at the University of Gujarat in 2013-14. His field of interests includes: Agronomy, Field Crops Production, Crop Physiology & Growth Analysis, Inter-Cropping & Plants Competition, Biodiversity, Crop Nutrition, Fertilizer and Water Use Efficiency, Dryland Agriculture & Drought, Organic Farming, Crops Management under Stressful Environments, Sustainable Crop, Sustainable Soil Management and Water Management, and Farmers training etc.