First Name
Florence M'mogi
Last Name
African journal of food, Agriculture,Nutrition and Development (AJFAND)
University Of Nairobi
Agricultural Entomology, Integrated Pest Management, Crop Protection, Participatory Rural Appraisal And Use Of Innovation Platforms In Agricultural Development.
Florence M'mogi Olubayo Professor, Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection, University of Nairobi Professor Florence M'mogi Olubayo is at the Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection, University of Nairobi and served as Head of the Department for eight years. Florence has coordinated and collaborated in 29 agriculture based projects dealing with capacity building, food security and technology transfer. Florence is an agricultural scientist with emphasis in integrated crop pest management, post-harvest pest management and agricultural technology transfer. She has wide research experience in crop protection systems as a result of her own research and that with graduate students, and is familiar with the major crops and livestock production systems in Kenya. Florence’s field research incorporates Participatory Rural Approaches (PRA) in the transfer and adaptation of agricultural technologies for sustainable agricultural production, including training agricultural agents and farmers in pest recognition and management. She has knowledge in project development, co-ordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. She has been involved in needs assessment and project planning targeting rural women farmers through their women groups. As a trainer, Florence has been involved in development of curriculum and training delivery for short courses for adult learners, undergraduate and postgraduate students. Also, she is involved in girl child and young women scientist’s mentorship through Kenya Professional Association of Women in Agriculture and Environment (KEPAWAE) and the CGIAR Gender and Diversity AWARD Programme. She has a PhD in agricultural entomology from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK and has published 84 journal papers and over 70 conference papers on many entomological topics including those in post-harvest pest management.